Big Potential Fund

What is the fund?

Big Potential, a Big Lottery Fund grant fund, is delivering approximately £20m of grant funding over 3 years to charities and social enterprises with the aim of improving their sustainability, capacity and scale and enabling them to deliver greater social impact.

The programme aims to raise awareness of the social investment market and support charities and social enterprises who want to prepare themselves for social investment or winning contracts.


Who is it for?

Charities and social enterprises based in England who are relatively new to the idea of social investment and want to see how it can be used.


How much can I apply for?

Investment readiness grants between £20,000 - £150,000 which will allow you to work with the programme’s approved providers who will work closely with you to help identify and solve your business needs.

If you have the ambition to raise up to £500,000 of repayable investment you can apply for the Breakthrough route.

If you aim to raise over £500,000 of repayable investment and/or win a contract of above £1million you can apply for the Advanced route.


Am I eligible?


The programme is open to charities and social enterprises that…


·         have the ambition and potential to raise up to £500,000 (repayable) investment (Breakthrough),

·         have ambition and potential to raise over £500,000 (repayable) investment and or win a contract over £1million (Advanced)

·         are able to describe a potential deal (investment or contracts) and need help to close it (Advanced)

·         operate and be based in England

·         have a track record of delivering social impact.

·         have the potential to generate financial and social returns for investors

·         have the ability to meet your core costs during the lifetime of the grant.

·         have no religious or political purposes.


You can check to see if your organisation is suitable for Big Potential programme by registering on the Big Potential website and completing the diagnostic tool.


How do I apply?

Register with Big Potential via the official website and read the available resources carefully. After completing the eligibility checker you can then apply for funding.


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