Merseyside Violence Reduction Public Consultation

Today Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership are launching a new youth and community dialogue.

The first dialogue they are hosting is about #Stayingsafe in Merseyside, which will capture the creative ideas of young people and our communities to help better understand what will help keep them feeling safe where they live. 

The window for participation is Friday 13th November until 3pm on Friday 27th November.

There are two sites, the links for which are below:

  1. Young person’s dialogue:
    Please ensure that you only share the young person’s dialogue with colleagues working with young people.
  2. Public dialogue:
    Please share this link widely within your organisation, with professional partners, family and friends (and of course, register to contribute yourselves!)

This is an opportunity for young people and residents in Merseyside to share their creativity with those who have the power to influence policy and resource direction.

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