Liverpool ONE Foundation Update

Community Foundation for Merseyside is delighted to announce the financial supporters of the Liverpool ONE Foundation have made a further five year commitment to continue their support of the Foundation and the communities throughout the Liverpool City Region, including Halton. Since its establishment in 2009 the Liverpool ONE Foundation has benefitted our local communities tremendously, having awarded over £1.5 million to 320 voluntary and community organisations and supporting over 37,000 people across Merseyside.

At this point Liverpool ONE and its financial supporters wish to take time to reflect on these achievements and strategically review the current priority issues affecting our communities to ensure the Liverpool ONE Foundation continues to meet our communities’ needs. Using the Community Foundation’s knowledge and expertise we will lead this process, and we will work closely with the local community and charity groups to ensure the best outcome. Therefore at this time the Liverpool ONE Foundation is not open for funding applications as its work and related funding criteria are reviewed.

However, we will keep local communities informed of the future plans for the Liverpool ONE Foundation and especially when the Foundation is next open for funding applications.

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