Case Study HEADS UP

Thinking Film Ltd returns with a series of thought provoking short films from a diverse range of men across Merseyside who share their stories and experiences of mental health issues. 

In 2016 Thinking Film Ltd were awarded £3000 from the Mark McQueen Foundation, which was set up to help support men across Merseyside who suffer from mental health issues. Funding was used to create “Heads up” - a series of short films to be used as an educational resource targeting young men and at-risk groups.  

Working with a number of partnerships to create workshops and consultations, young people took part in a bespoke workshop programme designed to provide the skills necessary to support the development and delivery of the project, as well as evaluating the content produced. 

The films tackle the tricky and often misunderstood topic of mental health, especially when it comes to men suffering from the problem.  Over the past year, more coverage has rightly been given to this topic which is highlighted in this project.

The men featured in the films share with us their stories on how the illness negatively impacted on their lives and how they used hobbies and creative skills to overcome issues to create a positive impact in their lives. 

“While opening up can be very painful, I’ve found it can also be an incredibly beneficial and therapeutic process. My experience makes me who I am, why deny it? I hope the film encourages people to talk to each other.” Participant

The educational films will be used to champion diversity and reduce the stigma of men suffering from mental health.  Thinking Film Ltd believes that those involved in the films are role-models to others by opening discussions on how tackling mental health issues can have a positive impact on their lives both personally and professionally. 

“Being part of the project has had me thinking a lot this week about past events in my life and I feel lucky to be here still to enjoy the good things and times that life brings.” Participant

We would like to say a huge thank you to Thinking Film Ltd for this fantastic piece of work. Watch the full films below:

Read more about The Mark McQueen Foundation.
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