Vital Signs 2018

Now in its 6th year Vital Signs is a yearly community check-up that investigates the vitality of our region, unravels areas of need, highlights our strengths and weaknesses, and shines a spotlight on the dedicated community groups working to make Merseyside a better place to live, work and thrive. The Community Foundation produces the report to connect philanthropy with community need and solutions – creating a unique giving guide that can be used to inform strategic giving. The guide uses a combination of national and local data, social intelligence, results of our research and voices of the local residents to create a multi-perspective needs analysis.

In our recent community consultation, the top priorities of the community were Strong Communities, Education and Health & Wellbeing. As part of our continual advancement we’ll further develop our knowledge of the most pressing issues in these areas to ensure we can, with your help, make the biggest impact possible.

What’s New?

In this year’s Vital Signs, we’ve taken a closer look at the make-up of Merseyside’s population by breaking down the county into what it would look like if there were only 100 people. We’ve added a table of what we as a locality can improve and importantly what we have to celebrate.

We have added an Annual Report that investigates our individual grant and area data to build a picture of our overall financial impact. This includes details of the grants distributed by Vital Signs theme, how our funding is distributed by beneficiary, grants broken down by size, our expenditure and Return on Investment.


Download your copy of Vital Signs 2018 

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