Knowsley Foundation

The Knowsley Foundation aims to ensure Knowsley is a prosperous and thriving place to live, learn and work.

The Foundation is a charitable and independent organisation which brings together private, public and voluntary sector partners to encourage and support social and economic development in the communities of Knowsley via charitable activities. We believe that we can have a greater social impact by working together in partnership.

We encourage local people, businesses and organisations to donate their money, time, goods, services and expertise to the Foundation in order to contribute to supporting local lives in Knowsley.

The Foundation acts as receiver and distributor of donations and new forms of social finance. For example, it benefits the wider Knowsley community by providing charitable grants to community groups and charities and also by providing funding to support the development of new social enterprises and initiatives. It also facilitates local volunteering, especially for local businesses.

The Foundation was created in March 2011 and launched in November 2011 by four founding partners: Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley Council for Voluntary Service, Knowsley Council and the Community Foundation for Merseyside. The Founding Partnership was established to create this independent charitable Foundation, supported by a cross-sector partnership of private, public and voluntary sector stakeholders.

Making a difference

Here are some examples of the types of community activities to which your support will make a difference:

PLC Activities Club: Video
Working Worms: Video
Ansdell Road Villas Association: Video

Making an Application

To make an application to the Knowsley Foundation, please click here

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