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‘It’s good for business to support local charities and communities’ – this was the message to Halton firms at the launch of a new partnership, the Halton Foundation, which took place on  24th February 2016.

The aim of the new Foundation is to forge better links between local voluntary groups who need help, and with local businesses who may be able to provide it. This is not just about fund raising and grants but the provision of in-kind support such as free professional advice, transport, equipment or website design.

The partnership will be led by Halton Chamber of Commerce, Halton Borough Council and Halton & St Helen’s Voluntary and Community Action (VCA), assisted by Cheshire Connect and Business in the Community (BiTC).The Foundation will be administered by the Community Foundations for Lancashire & Merseyside who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing and distributing funds on behalf of donors which includes individuals, families, businesses, organisations and charitable trusts.

Chamber Chief Executive Paula Cain said:

“Many large companies have well-established corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies but we want to tell smaller companies - you can make a huge difference to your local communities too. Very often it’s not just about money but about providing a wide range of support. Employees could be encouraged to adopt a local charity or a company may be able to provide a particular service or expertise.
No business exists in a vacuum and it actually makes good business sense, as well-as delivering a feel-good factor to give something back to the local community in which you operate.”

For more information on the Halton Foundation please visit www.thehaltonfoundation.com

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