Four Key Elements

The Halton Foundation will link individuals, businesses and organisations within Halton, enabling individuals, families, companies, entrepreneurs and charitable trusts to support Halton’s communities, cohesion and prosperity. The Halton Foundation will work to support Halton’s 5 strategic objectives as set out in Halton’s Sustainable Community Strategy:


The Halton Foundation’s work will be made up of four key elements:

Halton Gives will:

• Help Halton to become a thriving and prosperous community by prioritising issues such as poverty,  health, unemployment, a safe and crime –free environment and promoting family values
• Have a co-ordinated approach for receiving charitable donations across the borough
• Provide a strategic approach to allocating funding
• Maximise charitable donations
• Maximise benefit to residents

Halton Supports will:

• Create a time bank for employee volunteering
• Businesses will be encouraged to pledge hours of support
• CFLM will match philanthropists with local need
• Halton support will be co-ordinated through an established on-line portal
• Incorporate business to business support

Halton Cares will:

• Introduce an accreditation mark for businesses who can demonstrate good CSR practices
• Companies will be encouraged to donate both time and money
• Volunteering time will be used to support vulnerable people who meet qualification criteria

Halton Shares will:

• Promote and support the co-ordination of recycling items such as IT equipment, office furniture, meeting rooms etc.

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