Standard Grant Conditions

In accepting a grant offer from the Community Foundation, grantees agree to do the following:

  1. Use the grant only for the purpose(s) described in the application form and offer letter, unless otherwise agreed in advance, in writing, by the Foundation. 
  2. Ensure that proper insurance of any equipment remains in place at all times. The Foundation may claim back all or part of the grant to cover equipment that is lost and/or unable to be replaced.
  3. Pursue publicity, where possible, with the local press to promote the project and the support received from Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside. If you need support in promoting your project, please contact or visit our Promoting your Fund page. 
  4. Mention the name of the Fund, the Donors and the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside in all press releases issued relating to any aspect of the project supported by the grant.
  5. Ensure the use of both the Donor’s and the Foundation’s logo on any publication produced relating to or supported by the grant. The publication must be approved by the Foundation.
  6. Support the Foundation’s strategic aims and to work with the Foundation on any joint publicity opportunities in relation to the grant including; launch events, cheque presentation and open days. Such publicity opportunities will be chosen at the Foundation’s discretion.
  7. Accept responsibility for ensuring parental consent is provided for the photographing and filming of minors to promote the project. The provision of such photographic and film material to the Foundation for any promotion or monitoring purposes will assume prior consent has been given.
  8. Keep receipts and other evidence of expenditure for ALL purchases and services and make them available to the Foundation on request. They should be kept for six years. Please note, we can not fund retrospective projects, all receipts must be dated after the grant approval date. 
  9. Maintain a register of any assets exceeding £1,000 in value that are bought with the grant and to request the permission of the Grants Committee to dispose of any such item.
  10. Complete and return the monitoring form that will be sent to them within one month of the end date given in the application. Failure to complete monitoring on time may affect any funding opportunities in the future. 
  11. Maintain records to enable full completion of the monitoring form, including the following:
    • Amount spent including evidence
    • Intentions regarding any under-spend
    • Number of actual users/beneficiaries
    • Details of best practice examples
  12. Provide verbal or written reports on progress as requested by the Foundation.
  13. Community Foundation should be acknowledged in your annual report for the year in which this grant was recieved. Please foward a copy of the report to us once complete as evidence.  
  14. Ensure compliance with any other specifications in the offer letter.
  15. Provide evidence at the request of the Foundation in order to ensure the protection of any children and vulnerable adults involved in the project.

The Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside reserve the right to recall all or part of the grant if the group fails to meet one or more of these conditions and that significant breaches may result in criminal proceedings. 

CFLM may require repayment of all or part of the grant if:

(a)          you are unable to perform your obligations relating to the grant;

(b)          you are in breach of the grant offer or terms and conditions of grant for grantees;

(c)           CFLM reasonably considers that you have not made satisfactory progress with the project;

(d)          in CFLM’s reasonable opinion you are delivering the grant in a negligent manner;

(e)          you provide CFLM with any materially misleading or materially inaccurate information;

(f)           anyone in your organisation commits fraud, attempted fraud or any offence under the Bribery Act 2010;

(g)          CFLM reasonably believes that any of the grant monies have been or are being used fraudulently or dishonestly or for any unauthorised purpose.

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