The Community Foundation for Merseyside Wellbeing Fund

What is the focus of the fund:  The Fund aims to support people aged 60+ and can consider community projects that focus on supporting health and wellbeing, tackle social isolation or help people to learn a new skill/develop an interest.


How much is available: Grants of up to £5,000

Who can apply: Registered charities, community groups with a constitution or set of rules in the group’s name, social enterprises


Which areas are covered: Merseyside wide (including Halton)


Any special notes: Priority for this fund is to support smaller grassroots organisations. The majority of beneficiaries must be aged over 60. Priority will be given to delivery of regular weekly activities.


Examples of the sorts of projects that may be funded:

-       Mental health awareness, advice and information

-       Support groups and help-line/counselling services

-       Healthy eating and cooking courses

-       Sports, dance, fitness projects

-       Friendship/buddy schemes

-       Regular group activities (including contribution to rent, instructor, transport costs)


Documents which need to be included with your application:

1. A copy of the group’s rules or constitution

2. A copy of the group’s latest annual accounts or income/expenditure document

3. A copy of a recent bank statement for your group

4. A copy of the group’s current Safeguarding Policy. All applicants must ensure that they hold relevant policies and procedures in place to undertake activities, such as Criminal Records Bureau checks and/or a health and safety policy, depending on proposed activity. If unsure about what you need please contact the Community Foundation for help (details below)


NB: If you have applied to us within the last 12 months and have already submitted copies of the above documents, you do not need to send them in again. However, a recent bank statement is required with every application.


The following items cannot be supported via the fund:

-       Statutory organisations or work that is their responsibility

-       National organisations that cannot demonstrate local governance and control of local finances

-       Commercial ventures

-       Purchase/maintenance of vehicles

-       Activities that will have already taken place before we offer you a grant

-       Politically connected or exclusively religious activities

-       Projects for personal profit

-       Organisations that are set up for the benefit of animals or plants: environmental groups that work with animals or the environment (such as city farms) are acceptable

-       Groups comprising just one family

-       Debts and other liabilities

-       Reclaimable VAT

-       Travel outside UK


What happens next?

Completed applications are considered by Community Foundation staff to check eligibility. You may be contacted for more information after applying and a decision making panel will make recommendations based on the fund’s criteria and the budget available.

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