Case Studies Continued

Twin Vision

Amount awarded: £30,000 | Vital Signs Theme: Arts, Culture and Heritage | FundComic Relief
Twin Vision, an award winning multimedia charity in Merseyside, were awarded funding from Comic Relief to work with bereaved children and young people on a project titled “Remember with Pride”.

The Project saw 32 children and young people aged 7-19 years from mainstream and special educational schools celebrate a positive memory of a loved one they have lost through the accessible medium of stop frame animation. Young people who’ve been affected by bereavement used accessible production equipment and through a supportive working process created an animation based on positive memories of the people they have lost. Read More...



Amount awarded: £5,000 | Vital Signs Theme: Work / Education and Learning | Fund: Liverpool ONE

Peloton Liverpool is a social enterprise founded in 2013 by director Daniel Robinson. The mission of Peloton 
Liverpool is to increase engagement with cycling in the region and promote and develop a positive cycling culture. They have a particular interest in creating the necessary conditions to enable more children to cycle to school. Alongside this they are developing enterprise skills for those in contact with the Criminal Justice System - using bikes and cycling culture as a means to generate opportunity and enterprise.

For this project an old shipping container, converted into an extreme sports hub and set into the far corner of Everton Park, is getting local young people to ditch their Xbox and start cycling. Director of Peloton, Danny Robinson, passionately believes that cycling can be a force for social good. He’s seen first-hand the transformative effect cycle culture can have on local people and communities. Read more...

Thinking Film Ltd - Heads Up

Amount awarded: £3,000 | Vital Signs Theme: Healthy Living / Education and Learning| FundMark McQueen Foundation 

Thinking Film Ltd returns with a series of thought provoking short films from a diverse range of men across Merseyside who share their stories and experiences of mental health issues. 

In 2016 Thinking Film Ltd were awarded £3000 from the Mark McQueen Foundation, which was set up to help support men across Merseyside who suffer from mental health issues. Funding was used to create “Heads up” - a series of short films to be used as an educational resource targeting young men and at-risk groups.  

The films tackle the tricky and often misunderstood topic of mental health, especially when it comes to men suffering from the problem.  Over the past year, more coverage has rightly been given to this topic which is highlighted in this project. Read More...

Thinking Film Ltd - Out of Touch

Amount Awarded: £5,000 | Vital Signs Theme: Education and Learning / Equality | Fund: Liverpool ONE

Thinking Film exists to provide young people with a voice. Using an innovative approach to film and media to share that voice with new and diverse audiences. A Social Enterprise specialising in the production of film and media content. From concept to creation, Thinking Film crafts unique cinematic experiences, telling stories that challenge the way people see the world. 

In 2015 the Liverpool ONE Foundation awarded Thinking Film Ltd funding for an exceptional project working with young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) people, across Merseyside, who have experienced Homophobic, Biphobic or Transphobic (HBT) bullying. Read more...

Lotus Brook - Bale Beautification II

Amount awarded: £2,500 | Vital Signs Theme: Enviroment | Fund: Hill Dickinson

Lotus Brook is a social Enterprise that provides consultancy and education in urban gardening and food growing.

Ten local community groups were given straw bales and had to design a growing area out of them and plant vegetables and flowers in them. The plants will be looked after and eventually harvested later in the year and the food passed to local groups and foodbanks.

The straw bales will be composted down and any leftover crops planted in the garden. Children and young people were very involved in the projects with the aim being that they gain new skills, learn more about growing their own food and improve their local environment. Read More...

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