Liverpool ONE Foundation: Children and Young People’s Mental Health Event

An event has been held to acknowledge the impact and learning from young people’s mental health community projects and experiences funded by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

The Mental Health in Young People event took place at RIBA North in Liverpool, hosted by the Community Foundation for Merseyside in conjunction with Liverpool ONE Foundation. Discussions, debate and presentations covered the continued impact funding has had and continues to have in the support of the mental Health and wellbeing of children and young people across the Liverpool City Region.

An expert panel consisting of Steve Connelly from Liverpool ONE celebrated the vital and inspiring work that is being done by community groups in addressing Mental Health and also what more needs to be done with a focus on the impact and importance of funding.

Sam Avery from the Comedy Trust discussed the newly established Feeling Funny Youth programme, funded by the Liverpool ONE Foundation. This project uses comedy, laughter and humour as a tool to improve mental health, confidence, self-esteem and personal resilience. All while combating the stigma that surrounds Mental Health.

Highlights from a specially-commissioned report produced by the Directory of Social Change (DSC), and informed by extensive research, into Liverpool ONE Foundation grants supporting projects addressing Mental Health in children and young people were given by Stuart Cole. Key findings into what type of interventions were funded and what issues were affecting beneficiaries were analysed alongside an overview of what impact the grants made.

The event featured young people’s voices and experiences surrounding mental health provided by Ben and Paressa representing the Merseyside Youth Association. This organisation provides innovative, practical and positive support to children and young people.

Jake Mills (CEO, Chasing the Stigma) gave an insight into his personal story which led to the formation of Chasing the Stigma, an organisation set up by Jake following his battle with mental health, which focuses on normalising  and humanising mental health.

The Community Foundation for Merseyside CEO Rae Brooke discussed the important impact funding continues to have, our call to action and what organisations can do to help with the launch of a new round of grants, which can be found here:

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